Rapid tooling


Rapid tooling is a process where tooling is done quickly and cost-effectively. The key element of the process is SLA 3Dprinting of threaded inserts made using the PERFORM material.
Thanks to the high level of detail and outstanding temperature stability of PERFORM, tool inserts for injection tools can be made from this material in one week. When combined with injection moulding, rapid tooling is the ultimate solution for all who need their injection-moulded parts to be manufactured quickly from selected final materials.

Rapid tooling and injection moulding are an ideal solution for the manufacturing of:

  • prototypes which need to be produced in final materials
  • 20- to 200-piece runs, depending of the complexity of the manufactured part and type of thermoplastics
  • products for which throughput time is of critical importance
  • testing and validation of tool designs before any investment in considerably more expensive high-volume production tools

DEPROMA provides a comprehensive range of services, from 3D printing of tool inserts to injection moulding of parts. Tool inserts with their corresponding elements are installed in our standard tool housings, which further reduces tooling costs.

Their main characteristics are:

  • thermal endurance (HDT@0.45MPa) up to 268°C
  • high tensile modulus up to 10,000 MPa
  • high detail resolution
  • insertion of tool inserts into standard tool housings
  • number of injections from 20 to 200 parts/inserts, depending on the object and material
  • short lead times: 1 week for tooling + 1 week for injection moulding