Somos® EVOLVE is a newly developed stereolithography (SLA) material. The EVOLVE manufacturer, a Dutch company called DSM, the world’s largest producer of SLA materials, has developed a material that combines great mechanical properties, high-quality surface and easy finishing.

The parts made from EVOLVE have a look and feel that is practically indistinguishable from injection-moulded parts.

EVOLVE is an outstanding material for industries such as automotive, electricity, medical and house appliances, consumer goods and electronics.
The material is available in cream-white colour.

Properties of SLA parts made from EVOLVE:

  • high strength and wear resistance
  • dimensional stability
  • high accuracy
  • excellent surface quality
  • easy finishing (mechanical processing, polishing, painting)

Physical properties of SLA parts made from EVOLVE:

  • tensile modulus: 2964 N/mm²
  • tensile strength: 57 N/mm²
  • elongation at break: 11 %
  • flexural modulus: 2,654 N/mm²
  • heat deflection temperature at 0.45 mPa: 52 °C
  • heat deflection temperature at 1.80 mPa: 50 °C
  • hardness: 82 ShD
  • density: 1.12 g/cm³


Material Data Sheet EVOLVE (EN)