Painting and metallisation



Parts are painted in accordance with the customers’ requirements. The following painting techniques can be used:

  • Coloring
    Spray paint, no previous surface preparation.
  • Lacquering
    Lacquering includes painting and preliminary surface preparation – polishing, puttying, lacquering. Depending on the customer’s needs, lacquering can produce smooth surfaces in high shine, matte, semi-matte, or structured finish. Single-component or two-component paints as per RAL or PANTONE charts can be used.
  • Dip coating
    Dip coating is particularly suitable for SLS printed parts. The procedure does not alter the surface texture: the paint is soaked into the object so there is no paint layer on the part’s surface and the geometry of the part remains unaltered.


Metallisation of parts is done using a vapour deposition process which deposits a thin film of aluminum onto the selected plastic parts. The process aims for an imitation of a chrome-coated surface in shine or matte finish.
Due to smooth surface, SLA printed or injection-moulded parts are particularly suitable for metallisation finishing.