SLS / PA2200


PA2200 is the most commonly used material for the manufacturing of laser-sintered parts. PA2200 is a fine polyamide 12 (PA12) powder with a grain size of 40–90 µm. With its well-balanced profile of properties, the material serves a wide range of applications. PA2200 is biocompatible and certified for use in the food industry. Given their excellent mechanical properties, laser-sintered parts fabricated in PA220 are often used to substitute injection-moulded parts.

The material is available in white colour.

Properties of laser-sintered parts made from PA2200:

  • high strength, stiffness and wear resistance
  • good chemical resistance
  • excellent long-term stability
  • high detail resolution
  • various finishing options (mechanical processing, vibratory finishing, installation of threaded inserts, bonding, painting)
  • biocompatible according to EN ISO 10993-1 and USP/level VI/121 °C
  • approved for food contact in compliance with the EU Plastic Directive 2002/72/EC (exception: highly alcoholic foodstuffs)

Physical properties of laser-sintered parts made from PA2200:

  • tensile modulus: 1,700 N/mm²
  • tensile strength: 45 ±3 N/mm²
  • elongation at break: 20 ±5 %
  • flexural modulus: 1,240 N/mm²
  • heat deflection temperature at 0.45 mPa: 145 °C
  • heat deflection temperature at 1.80 mPa: 90 °C
  • melting point: 172–180 °C
  • hardness: 75 ShD
  • density: 0.96 g/cm³


Material Data Sheet PA2200 (EN)
Biocompatibility Certificate PA2200 (EN)
Food Regulatory Assessment Certificate PA2200 (EN)